Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Mortician

I am still learning my way about digital painting and digital coloring. Digital coloring is when I take a pencil or pen drawing and color it in Adobe, digital painting is when I do a painting usually from scratch or a rough sketch as I did with The Mortician.

I decided to do this piece in black and white, working with only grays as I would a pencil drawing. I wanted to create a type of vignette almost like one of the old daguerreotype photographs. The border I created by combining symbols that come with Adobe and decided to go with the oval because it lent to that antique feel I was looking for.

I suppose there is a story in this picture, as soon as it tells it to me I am sure that I will include it and the picture in The October Book which has become my year long project.

Prints are of course for sale on Deviantart here.


  1. I love black and white art. There's a name for it... achromatic. Most of my work is done this way.

    Very nice piece.



  2. Thank you, sorry for the late reply, I am glad you like.