Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sanctus Sanatorium

I have just completed the first page of my online graphic novel and am currently penciling the second page.  The banner below is the entrance to the site once it is fully functional. I don't intend to upload the first page there until the first chapter is completed. This is the link.

Here is a preview of the first page:

Below are some questions and answers:

 How often will it be updated?

I work full time and am putting a lot of energy into this. I cannot make any promises on how often it will be updated but it will be a completed storyline.

How long will this story be?:

Pretty damn long. It does have a definite ending already worked out in my head. But I will say this, if this project goes well and I am happy with it then there will be other stories told about the town Obscuro.

Where is Obscuro?:

In my head.

What time period do things happen in Obscuro?:

Victorian/Edwardian times

Your tag line states that there are as many tales as there are cats in Obscuro, are there a lot of cats?:

Unfortunately many of the cats that dwell in Obscuro are not "fixed", so yes, there are many.

What is Sanctus Sanatorium?:

It is an asylum fashioned off the old Kirkbride Buildings that were built in the mid-1800's to house the homeless and insane. Sanctus is Latin for Holy but right now there isn't much that is Holy in the asylum right now.

Will children be able to read this?:

I would advise against it, there will be mature themes in the story line, as well as horrific entities.

Are you going to be doing other artwork while working on this?:

Unfortunately no. This is my only project right now. I pray I grow to love it.

Yes it is copyrighten.

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