Friday, September 24, 2010


I have to apologize for not blogging as of late. I have been busy working on a project for work that involves me doing artwork for Halloween as well as busy doing digital painting on a pencil piece I recently finished.

I have been toying the idea of either creating a new blog for my artistic exploits or combining it with this one. If I combine them I may change the name of the blog to fit more with the theme.

This is the piece I am currently digital painting in Adobe with my Wacom. It is pencil on bristol and though I love black and white, this piece seemed to demand some color. Also with the background I have in mind it may accentuate the composition more.

Pearls of Wisdom.... by *PoeticCrow on deviantART

I have to confess that much of my digital endeavors are self taught and the coloring I am doing is rather experimental So far I am liking the results but I did commit a cardinal sin of not doing the background first and that may lead me into some trouble and may ruin the effect. So I have my fingers crossed.

Anyway, once again I apologize for the lack of updates and will get back on track soon.


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