Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Professor Blomberg Vampire Killing Kit

Recently a reported authentic Professor Blomberg Vampire Hunting Kit sold at an auction for $14,580. That is a huge chunk of change considering that the kit later turned out to be a forgery. Michael De Winter came forward and admitted that he was the creator of the Blomberg kits. Although I do admire De Winter for his creativity and ingenuity, he is still a faker.

There are other creators out there that construct such kits like AlexCF, but do not do it under the pretense of authenticity. That is because AlexCF is an artistian, not a forger. This is AlexCF's Werewolf Specimen Hunting Kit, you can tell the kits that AlexCF constructs are a labor of love and though wonderfully eccentric, they are art. He also doesn't hide under the deception that these kits are real, but an imaginative recreation of what could have been. Many of his kits deal with Lovecraftian themes and cryptozoids of his own creation which he sculpts himself from a fevered imagination.

One of my favorite pieces is his Necropathic Spectregraph. Though not a kit it is one of many devices that he has constructed that has drawn much attention from the Steampunk audience. These whimsical devices are elaborate in design and seem to fit perfectly in a Victorian era gone mad with arcane science. Now this is called artistry, not forgery.

But do not despair, if you are in search of an authentic vampire hunting kit to slay that Metro-sexual annoying Edward there is hope, Ripley's museum has them. According to their curators Ripleys contains at least 26 vampire kits that were collected abroad in Europe and date back to the mid 1800's.

Believe it or Not.


  1. I LOVE this stuff...there's a guy on DA who makes some pretty cool kits, too. will have to look this up....

  2. Same here and if you do find the one on DA, send me a link please =)

  3. yeah, I found him name is Jason McKittrick

    he's got some pretty cool stuff

  4. Yes he does and he has an awesome vampire hunting kit.