Sunday, June 20, 2010

Datamancer, Steampunk Wizardy

Richard Nagy, known also as Datamancer, has taken the tradition PC and reverted it back to an alternate timeline known as Steampunk. Basically Steampunk is a Jules Verne World gone mad where arcing fingers of electricity flare from Tesla coils and steam powered machinations amble amok. For years Datamancer has been converting laptops, PC's, keyboards and practically anything else he can lay his hands on and personalizing them into works of functional art. Below is an example of a functioning laptop decked out in all its Steampunk glory by Datamancer.

Richard Nagy's work has garnered him a lot of attention. On the internet his keyboard and laptop conversions became such a sensation that naturally Hollywood would cast an eye over to see what the commotion was. Hence Nagy was commissioned to do the keyboard for the ScyFy series Warehouse 13. Nagy, or Datamancer has also converted keyboards for several businesses as well such as the art deco influenced one below.

To see a selection of Datamancer's keyboards click here.

If keyboards are not your Victorian cup of tea, perhaps a Steampunk Ray Gun by WETA is more to your liking.

A while back Gizmodo claimed Steampunk was dead. I say Gizmodo should concentrate on their cat fight with Steve Jobs and Apple and leave genre to the artists. Steampunk may just outlast them.


  1. steampunk...there are a lot of extraordinary steampunk artists on DA....also, wanted you to know that I featured your new blog on my blog...I don't have a huge number of followers but the ones I do have will definitely enjoy seeing your blog and your art!